ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination.


ARTEXPRESS Virtual 2023
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ARTEXPRESS Virtual has been awarded the 2022 winner of Museums Australasia Multimedia Publication and Design Awards (MAPDA) in the Virtual Exhibition category (Level B). The judges said: 'An extremely impressive achievement, being both a virtual walkthrough and with supporting resources on the website. The walkthrough is simple to navigate (StreetView style), and with excellent 3D modelling of the many objects on display.'


What does it mean if my work is nominated?

Nominated works are those that have been identified through a rigorous examination process as excellent examples of students' investigations of artmaking practice. The ARTEXPRESS exhibitions are curated from this pool of works.

When will I be notified of selection?

Letters advising that works have been nominated are sent to students and schools immediately following the last written HSC examination. Students are notified of their selection via post or email if available in early December.

Why didn't my nominated work get into ARTEXPRESS?

Every year more works are nominated for ARTEXPRESS than can be exhibited in the different venues. The selection of artworks for each of the ten ARTEXPRESS exhibitions reflects the candidature for the Visual Arts examination including gender, regional and metropolitan representation, and the inclusion of all expressive forms. Other considerations also include the size of galleries, and the relationship between different bodies of work and a body of work's suitability to withstand exhibition conditions.

Where do I deliver my work?

If a body of work has been itinerantly marked at your school rather than at the marking centre in Homebush, it will usually be sent to ARTEXPRESS by a courier arranged through the Board of Studies.

However, arrangements can be made for students to deliver their works personally.

Do I need to send in my VAPD if my work is nominated?

In general your Visual Arts Process Diary (VAPD) is NOT required for ARTEXPRESS exhibitions, however if it is required you will be notified of the due date. Some galleries request to display VAPDs along with bodies of work. If your VAPD is required ARTEXPRESS will contact you by phone.

When is the last date for copyright clearance?

Students need to be aware of the difficulty in gaining copyright clearance for some commercially produced music tracks and film clips for display purposes outside the examination process. Copyright needs to be finalised as soon as possible during the making of your body of work. Forms for copyright clearance need to be submitted to ARTEXPRESS with your publicity release forms. ?Please note if copyright is not cleared by mid December your work may not be able to be included in any ARTEXPRESS exhibitions.

Who determines in which gallery my work is exhibited?

Exhibitions are chosen by curators to form a comprehensive exhibition that showcases all expressive forms. The bodies of work are selected to compliment each other and work as an entire show. Consequently the choice of venues is not negotiable.

I am not part of the exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Does this mean I am not in ARTEXPRESS?

No. ARTEXPRESS refers to a series of up to ten metropolitan and regional exhibitions across New South Wales. The exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales is just one element of the ARTEXPRESS program.

How many people can come to the opening?

This depends on the venue. Generally the Art Gallery of New South Wales is limited to 2 guests per exhibitor. Check the invitation that you receive to the opening for details.

What should I wear to the opening?

Smart casual attire is suitable for all ARTEXPRESS openings.

I need my work for a local exhibition or a portfolio presentation for a course entry next year. Can I get my work?

If your body of work is required for exhibition or portfolio submission arrangements can be made for it to be picked up personally. This will not affect your selection to ARTEXPRESS.

When will my work be returned?

You will notified by ARTEXPRESS

What happens if my work gets damaged?

ARTEXPRESS makes every effort to ensure that artworks travel to and from their exhibitions with the utmost of care. However students are encouraged to organize their own insurance for their artworks. In the case of any damage, students will be contacted directly by ARTEXPRESS staff. ARTEXPRESS is not liable for any damage to an artwork.