ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination.


ARTEXPRESS Virtual 2023
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ARTEXPRESS Virtual has been awarded the 2022 winner of Museums Australasia Multimedia Publication and Design Awards (MAPDA) in the Virtual Exhibition category (Level B). The judges said: 'An extremely impressive achievement, being both a virtual walkthrough and with supporting resources on the website. The walkthrough is simple to navigate (StreetView style), and with excellent 3D modelling of the many objects on display.'


ARTEXPRESS terms and conditions ARTEXPRESS refers to a joint project between the NSW Department of Education (DoE) and the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully.

  1. If selected for the 2020 exhibitions of ARTEXPRESS I hereby give permission for my 2019 HSC Visual Arts body of work to be exhibited.
  2. I acknowledge that the selection of work for ARTEXPRESS is at the discretion of the ARTEXPRESS selectors and their decision is final.
  3. I understand and agree that, due to space restrictions, some ARTEXPRESS exhibition venues may not be able to display my full body of work.
  4. I have appropriately acknowledged all other artists and artworks as sources and influences on my body of work.
  5. I understand that my body of work may be removed from exhibition by ARTEXPRESS if I have not appropriately acknowledged the influences of all artists and their work.
  6. I understand that ARTEXPRESS reserves the right to withdraw works selected for exhibition if the work is deemed to be too highly derivative of the work of others or does not comply with copyright law as it applies to public exhibition.
  7. I understand that my body of work statement may be edited to comply with curatorial guidelines and for consistency.
  8. I agree that my Visual Arts diary can be used for exhibition purposes by ARTEXPRESS and the Exhibition venue(s) during the exhibition period if called for.
  9. I acknowledge that my Visual Arts diary will be handled with care and will not hold ARTEXPRESS and the exhibition venues liable if my diary is damaged or lost.
  10. I agree that while my body of work is on display in ARTEXPRESS, it cannot be reproduced by me, my school or ARTEXPRESS for simultaneous display at other venues during 2020.
  11. I agree to pick up my body of work from the collection point designated by ARTEXPRESS after the exhibition program.

Privacy notice

  1. I agree that the contact details, copyright clearance information and body of work statement that I provide can be used by ARTEXPRESS for catalogues, certificates, name tags, wall plaques, publicity purposes in both electronic and print media, and for corresponding with schools and students. This information will be stored securely.
  2. I agree that ARTEXPRESS can provide my artwork details and images to the media.
  3. I give permission for my contact details (telephone number and email) to be provided to galleries exhibiting my work for publicity purposes.
  4. I agree that ARTEXPRESS can provide permission on my behalf to the exhibition venues wanting to use images from my Visual Arts Process Diary (VAPD).
  5. I agree to be contacted if there are enquiries about the reproduction of images of my work for educational purposes by external agencies.
  6. I understand that ARTEXPRESS is not an agent for my artwork, but agree to be contacted if there are enquiries about buying my work.

Copyright clearance

  1. In the event that my body of work is selected for an HSC exhibition, I hereby give my permission to ARTEXPRESS to photograph and reproduce my artwork on printed materials which will be sold for educational purposes. I also agree to my work being reproduced for flyers, posters, postcards, television advertisements and other promotional material and on ARTEXPRESS official websites.
  2. I agree that after a period of five years, these images can be used by NESA and DoE and archived for further educational purposes.
  3. I also agree that ARTEXPRESS can approve requests from exhibition venues on my behalf to reproduce images of my artwork, VAPD and student statement on websites and for educational resources and programs.


  1. I recognise that ARTEXPRESS, contracted freight carriers and the exhibition venues take all due care of ARTEXPRESS works, but the works are not insured against damage and no responsibility will be taken for damage. I understand that, to insure my body of work, I will need to make my own insurance arrangements.

Permission to photograph / interview

  1. I consent to being photographed, recorded, and/or filmed during any ARTEXPRESS exhibition, workshop or ARTEXPRESS related and approved event.
  2. I understand that photographs, recordings and/or films may be used for DoE or NESA publications, external publications, internet sites, print and electronic mainstream media, television and/or other associated promotional material or by sponsors of the ARTEXPRESS program.
  3. I understand that I may be identified by name and school with my image on any of these media forms.
  4. I consent to being interviewed by a media representative that has been organised by officer/s of DoE and/or NESA.